Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Halloween 2009

What to say about this brain twisting, hair raising, fun filled experience? It was absolutely amazing! This year Halloween started on a Thursday and ran into a Monday. Ewwww one might say, i say YESSSSS!!!! Thursday night we were greeted with the Black Heart Halloween party at Vin De Syrah wine parlor, located in downtown San Diego. Black Heart is a rapidly growing clothing company and SD Cadillac club. This intimate night was shared with a close knit group of friends, women, and freaks from all over SD. Here are some images:

There were all sorts of costumes; Indians, aliens, boxers, and even CJ Parker from Baywatch showed up to dance!

Then came Friday. Oh Friday! There were no costumes this night just debauchery with the boys as we invaded North County and got loose with a few myrtles. Here's a little taste of that:

Saturday was Halloween. How i love Halloween. We went to the Prado in Balboa Park, San Diego. A massive event put on by two buddies of mine and their company DJ Here. If you have not checked out this event be sure to next year. This was a glorious night full of dancing and friendship, capped off with an after party at the W hotel downtown, followed by an after party at a friends house................9pm Sunday after a Chargers victory over the Raiders and brain cells non existent i found my bed, wait Kristin's bed. However, the boys being in fine fashion as they always are, made it to Deadmau5 playing at the House of Blues. What a weekend and what a life. Don't ever go changing!!

Monday, October 26, 2009

R.I.P Bryan Lee Makinson

Bryan hearing of your passing has left me in complete shock. If anything i want you to know, you are someone i want to see again. Thank you for your hospitality while visiting in Indonesia and thank you for being a friend i will never forget. How good were those waves we got at Bingin?!?! Ill remember that day forever. How good were those talks reminiscing about back home!?!? Your the guy and i only have great images of you in my mind. I didn't know how to react at first hearing about your death but as days pass by and waves continue to roll in i see that this is how you wanted it. You were happy when i left you and in my mind you are happy still. A funny feeling tells me you must have planned it this way. You always knew how to exit. Keep smiling Bryan and when i decide to exit, be sure to show me around heaven. Just like in Indonesia, knowing you, you for sure have a few little secret spots your holding on to! Aloha my friend.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Just another San Diego Morning

This was a fun little morning spent with my good friend Ryan Clancy, Daniel Hopkins and myself. Plenty of surf but for once not a million zeeks on my spot.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Bali is BAGUS

September 7th I took my first surf trip to Bali, Indonesia. A magical island located in the Indian Ocean and Pacific Ocean. This tiny island possess some of the worlds top surf breaks with waves like changu, padang padang, uluwatu, bingin, impossibles, nusa dua, green bowl........just to name a few. Ever heard of the place? Well anyways my trip started in LA. 13 hours later i arrived in Taiwan or Taipei international airport. Taiwan is a very nice place where everything is clean and people are extremely generous and polite. I had to stay the night in Taiwan before I left for Bali at 10:00 am in the morning the following day. I stayed in a nice hotel in a very industrial place, but in the end all i needed was a bed. From Taiwan was a 5 1/2 hour flight to Denpasar, Bali. This flight was easy though because the nice people at EVA Airways bumped me up to First Class! Landing in Bali energized and frothing I met up with Rie, a local girl from Indonesia who is dating my buddy Brian. Rie took me on a whirlwind adventure meeting everyone in Uluwatu. After 100 Mades and 50 Wayans i knew remembering names was going to be easy. Just pick one or the other! The traveling took a lot out of me so i just got my room, unpacked my gear and called it a night. I'll have day two posted soon when i can think of good things to talk about....

Friday, October 9, 2009

End of the Summer in SD

Now that I have returned back to reality after an amazing trip to Bali, Indonesia, its time I update this shit. Whats been going on in the life of George? Well after leaving the surf school in August for my surf trip, I went on a two week party binge with friends. This is what that looked like.... We hit up two of my favorite night spots in SD frequently, El Dorado on Broadway and Voyuer on 6th ave. Both great fist pumping spots with a dash of hipster and a whole lot of chicks. Not to mention DJ sets like Bloody Beatroots and Steve Aoki. Oh you want more? Here are some more images from those crazy nights..... As you can see the nights were long and days were short. Sleep was overrated but i knew that i needed to get this out of my system after a busy summer and knowing that a relaxing vacation was just around the corner. I will have those Bali photos up soon so you can froth on what was going on there, along with great stories to combine. So to all that have been waiting for my return, Aloha and "I'm back bitches!!"

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Pacific Surf School Launches new Websites

If you have never surfed then you don't know the feeling, but if you want to learn while having fun i know the school for you! Pacific Surf School located in Mission Beach, San Diego has just launched three new websites. With surf camps in Santa Monica, Los Angele's, Hawaii, San Diego, Costa Rica, and Bali, Pacific Surf School is your #1 international and local surf school. Not to mention i am one of the instructors there. Don't just believe me we have the honors and accolades to prove it. With awards given for best surf school, people's choice award, friendliest staff, etc..... the list goes on. The new sites to check out for lessons year round are;,, and From any of these three websites you can sign up for trips, camps, lessons and just an all around good time. Hope to see you surfing this summer!!!!!!!

Monday, May 11, 2009

Featured Artist/ Shay

Friday May 1st the Essentials crew including Pat, Shay, Shay's lovely lady Mandy and myself all headed up to L.A.'s HIVE gallery to support our talented friend Shay. Shay was honored as the featured artist this evening and blew doors off the place. His unique style using oil paint is unmatched at this event. Some say its similar to Dali! You make your own opinions, mine is with my buddy! Go get em Shay your going to be rolling in FAME!!! Check out Shay's website and other works of art at